Denton, Texas Healthcare

Presbyterian Hospital of Denton

Renovation and Expansion of Large Texas Hospital

This project included a 319,000 square foot new facility and the renovation of the existing 100,000 square foot facility.

Systems Installed

  • (2) 900-ton York centrifugal water chillers
  • (2) Field-erected Marley Quadraflow cooling towers providing the condenser water for the chillers
  • Heating water system consists of 3 benchmark boilers and 3 Areco KC 1000 water heaters
  • All of this water is distributed through 1.5 miles of welded pipe
  • Air distribution is conducted through 590,000 pounds of ductwork
  • Medical gases were delivered to the outlets through 2.2 miles of medical grade copper piping
  • Plumbing systems totaled over 1.7 miles of domestic water piping, cast iron waste, and vent piping

All material was prefabricated in Ivey’s pipe and sheet metal shops in Kosciusko, Mississippi.


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