Construction: Commissioning


Quality Assurance for Commercial Building 

Commissioning is a separate, clearly defined, step-by-step process. The commissioning process ensures that the systems we install for you work exactly as designed in concert with all the other systems installed within your facility.

You can feel confident through this process that:

  • Your building will be comfortable and efficient
  • The project will focus on and be supportive of your business objectives
  • That you’ll receive detailed documentation of the process as well as the final results
  • That your personnel are properly trained in its operation

Commissioning Services

Coordinated Planning

We define project requirements in detail with our client, the owner, and all key disciplines. We develop a schedule to accomplish this work.

Organizational Checklist

We utilize customized checklists to communicate specific installation requirements to our crews. These checklists ensure that installation is correct and complete. We maintain an issue log to report items that need attention to all parties.

Equipment Start Up

In conjunction with individual manufacturers, each piece of equipment is started and prepared for the final commissioning phase.

Systems Testing

We perform functional testing of each system, both individually and in conjunction with other associated systems.

Detailed Documentation

We provide records of each step of the process, along with design and performance data for each system.

Owner Training

Once all systems are commissioned, we train operating personnel in proper operation and care.

Are you interested in learning more about how Ivey Mechanical’s Commissioning services can help assure the quality of your systems? Please contact us.