Louisville & Simpson, Kentucky Data Processing

Eaton Project Bluegrass

Building a Next Generation Data Center

The Eaton Data Center project involved the construction of two Tier III data centers in Kentucky. The sites were appropriately named ‘Blue’ for the Simpsonville site, which was close to Lexington and the University of Kentucky, and ‘Red’ for the Louisville site, home of the University of Louisville.

Each of the two 102,500 square foot buildings include 14,000 square feet of data floor space and 1 MW of critical power day one with accommodations for an additional 14,000 square feet of raised floor and an additional 2.6 MW of critical power.

The mechanical and electrical systems were designed to provide non-compromised level of reliability and redundancy.The sites were constructed as identical buildings. The Red site’s schedule lagged behind the Blue by three months, which allowed the Red site to capitalize on the lessons learned from the Blue site in an effort to be more efficient in construction and save money on construction costs.


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