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50 Years of Service

50 Years of Service On May 1, J.H. Edwards celebrated his 50th year with Ivey Mechanical. Edwards is the first-ever full-time employee to reach such a milestone, “We talk about legends within our company and J.H. embodies all that the word means. He is a true legend,” said Ivey Mechanical President, Denny Terrell. In 50 […]

Employee Spotlight: Sam Brown, Superintendent

The Heart of Ivey Quality, experience, value, reliability, innovation, and safety are the values by which we define our company and the driving force behind these Ivey Mechanical standards is our people. Our people take pride in their crafts, they take pride in our products, and they take pride in our results. Our people are […]

Employee Spotlight: Wayne Thomas, Project Manager

 The Man in the Arena The question that sealed the deal for Wayne Thomas was “Why don’t you go see the world for a few years? Learning Infrastructure and Construction with The Fighting Seabees Upon graduation from high school in the small town of Faith, North Carolina, Thomas tried his hand at college but knew […]