Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Sam Brown, Superintendent

The Heart of Ivey

Quality, experience, value, reliability, innovation, and safety are the values by which we define our company and the driving force behind these Ivey Mechanical standards is our people. Our people take pride in their crafts, they take pride in our products, and they take pride in our results. Our people are what set us apart from all other mechanical contractors. People like, Sam Brown.
On March 20, 1971, fresh out of the military, a 21-year-old Sam Brown stepped onto his first job site. For Brown, that was it. He would never work anywhere else. His career with Ivey began in plumbing then moved on to piping, controls, and while on the job, he honed in on his welding skills. Bubba Edwards, superintendent at the time, hired Brown and Brown contributes his success with Ivey Mechanical partly to Edwards, “He trained me, pushed me, and wanted to see me succeed. Bubba was a great man.” Edwards, who passed away in May of 2011 just shy of celebrating 50 years with Ivey, is known for his hard-work, knowledge, passion, and his toughness, “Back in 1996, at a job in Carthage, Mississippi, I asked Bubba for a raise and all he did was murmur. His wife, Maureen was his secretary at the time and she told Bubba that he better give me that raise and I got it.” The memories Brown recounts of his Ivey mentors are plentiful and priceless.
Brown, in his 47 years with Ivey, has worked all across the United States and what he has relished has been sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generations, “What I have enjoyed the most, has been working with the younger guys straight out of school, and training them up. Most are running their own crews now.” Danny Brunt, Vice President of Human Resources understands the value Brown brings to Ivey, “Sam Brown is a man of many talents who has fulfilled a number of roles with Ivey over the years. From Plumbing Helper to Controls Technician, Swing Crew Foreman and Safety Officer, Sam has always had a positive attitude and the willingness to go anywhere and perform almost any job.”

He is one of many who have helped make our company what it is today.”

In his spare time, Brown enjoys showing and spending time with his horses. He and his wife reside in Sallis, Mississippi and have three children, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
At the heart of Ivey Mechanical are our people.
Our people like Sam Brown.