Jackson, Mississippi Institutional

Woodworth Chapel

Challenging HVAC System for Historic Church

Ivey Mechanical’s renovation contract on a building that had been condemned, Tougaloo College’s Woodworth Chapel, involved adding heating and cooling while maintaining its historical aspects. None of the ductwork could be in the chapel area. It was all run underneath the floor in an area that was a mud slab. The chilled water and heating water system has a pre-treatment unit which supplies outside air to all of the other air units in order to control humidity.

A 30 horsepower boiler and 40 tons of cooling equipment were installed to service the 7,500 square foot chapel and 3,000 square-foot conference area. Because space was crucial, a great deal of coordination was required to allow for all of the trades involved to complete their work. Ivey completed 5,747 man-hours with no lost-time accidents recorded.


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