Oxford, Mississippi IMC Fabrication

Thad Cochran Research Center

Mechanical Systems for Scientific Lab Research

Phase II of the primary research facility of the School of Pharmacy’s National Center for Natural Products Research (NCNPR) at the University of Mississippi required an intricate HVAC and plumbing design. The construction of the four-story, 96,153 square foot building completed the two-building NCNPR complex, allowing researchers to readily translate basic research of natural products into clinical studies and commercial products.

Systems Installed

  • Extensive lab gas piping systems
  • Four large custom air handling units
  • 421 VAVs
  • 14 Exhaust fans
  • 172 Plumbing fixtures
  • An elaborate laboratory airflow control system

The project is slated to achieve LEED Silver Certification. Lean construction methodologies were implemented through the pre-fabrication of piping assemblies. Approximately 70% of this mechanical project was prefabricated in order to reduce waste and drive efficiency.


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