Orangeburg, South Carolina IMC Fabrication


Renovating Systems for Wire and Cable Manufacturing Plant

Ivey Mechanical helped complete renovations to the Orangeburg, SC, Okonite plant.

Services and Systems

  • Renovating about 40,000 square feet of existing space to install a new C.V. Line
  • Addition of 50,000 square feet of new warehouse space
  • 11,000 Square foot Rewind Building Addition
  • Extension of the 400 psig Steam System
  • Complete replacement of the air cooled chiller plant with 900 tons of new water cooled chillers and cooling towers in a new chiller plant with connection back to the building services as well as piping extensions to new A.C. equipment

Ivey Mechanical’s BIM Department in Mississippi worked with the Kentucky design team to locate equipment and piping for coordination. These pipe layouts were then turned into spool documents whereas Ivey’s Mississippi fabrication shop pre-fabricated and shipped all of the chiller plant piping to the job. Ivey was contracted to perform Plumbing for the new additions, Air Conditioning for the new areas and Rewind Building, and all equipment and piping for the new chiller plant including chilled water and cooling water piping.

Through Optimech, an Ivey company in Tennessee, the 400 psig Steam piping system was installed for the new equipment.


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