Bentonville, Arkansas Healthcare

Northwest Medical Center of Bentonville

The Latest in Mechanical Systems for the
Latest in Medical Technology and Equipment

The Northwest Medical Center of Benton County in Bentonville, Arkansas is a new 238,000 square foot facility, which replaces the old Bates Medical Center. This is a full service facility offering the latest medical technologies and equipment.

Systems Installed

The building houses 1,500 tons of cooling and 8 air handling units distributing more than 300,000 cubic feet per minute of air conditioning for patient comfort. A single custom unit at the penthouse level serves the patient floors with 112,000 cfm; special sound attenuating measures were employed to ensure noise would not be a concern. The  4th floor (shell space) has been “pre-roughed” to minimize disruption to the facility when build-out occurs.

Ivey Mechanical co-workers completed more than 80,000 man hours with no lost-time accidents on this project.


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