Fort Knox, Kentucky Government

Fort Knox Human Resource Center of Excellence

U.S. Army Human Resources Hub

This $183 million 850,000 square foot facility brings four locations within the U.S. Army personnel record keeping and finance together in one central location and houses 4,200 civilian and military personnel in six buildings. The complex consists of five, three-story buildings with connectors between the buildings on the third floor and a single story facility which houses the data center and central plant area.

Data Center Systems Installed

  • Two, 600 ton chillers
  • Cooling Tower
  • Pumps
  • 34 Computer Room Units
  • 95% of Plumbing and HVAC material was prefabricated, including in-wall plumbing, ductwork, and HVAC piping


Superior Performance Award – Mississippi ABC
Award of Merit – Mississippi ABC
Award of Honor – Kentucky ABC
Award of Merit – South Central Construction Magazine


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