Alparetta, Georgia Data Processing

E*TRADE Technical Operations Center

Cooling E*Trade’s Critical Data Centers

The E*Trade project, two data centers under one structure, required redundant equipment and mechanical systems.

A 1,100,000 gallon chilled water storage tank was installed to provide eight hours of cooling at peak demand in case both plants were inoperative. (2N + 1) Beginning construction with an anticipated end date and only schematic drawings available, created a challenge for Ivey Mechanical Company. From project inception, the ongoing design relied on Ivey expertise to provide “on the spot” design solutions. Two full time CAD operators were onsite to assist with mechanical design and coordination and produce as-built drawings.

Systems Installed

  • 2400 tons of AC
  • 114,000 pounds of sheet metal
  • 21,500 feet of HVAC piping
  • 13,230 feet of plumbing pipe


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